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    We now accept Support emails in French and English. We are hosting a giveaway. If you want to advertise with us, contact us via our support email under subject "Advertisement". If you want to pay for any of our products with something other than PayPal, contact us under "Alternative Payments". Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to remain up-to-date with new Vape updates and announcements.


    You may have seen our new pre-roll advertisement being gradually implemented on a few HCF channels. We hope this will bring in more customers, and with them, more suggestions for hacks on our clients. Alongside our contacted advertisement, we also want to allow you the chance to help our community grow. If you are over 1000 subs, get decent views, and want to use our pre-roll in your video, send us an email on our contact page, select the subject 'advertisement' and include a link to your channel. If you email in and we accept your impromptu application, we will reward you with free Vape Lite sub time per pre-rolled video.

    If you don't meet the requirements, but want to upload with the pre-roll anyways, then feel free to do so. You can download it here. For reference on how to use it in your video, watch Cbrady's video using the pre-roll. If you do decide to upload using the pre-roll, use the following description:

    Buy Vape at!
    Enter the Vape giveaway on at

    Additionally, if you are a YouTuber who would like to apply for a Vape sponsorship (where we pay you to use our pre-roll or advertise our clients), you may also send in an email under the advertisement tag. If you want to get paid, we ask that you have at least 5K+ subs, with decent views. If you don't have 5K+ subs, feel free to still contact us and work something out with us - we will pay you with free Vape Lite time & beta accesses to updates and new clients (should we make any).

    Finally, we are going to be revamping the old "Manthe" channel into "Manthe Industries" -- we plan to make high product quality update videos every major update. If you're interested in that sort of thing, make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications for the channel.


    To celebrate our push into advertising, we've created a giveaway for x10 LIFETIME Vape V2 memberships, and x10 1 MONTH Vape Lite subscriptions. Each winner will receive one of each giveaway product. You may enter the giveaway on our Gleam -- make sure to tell your friends! Different rewards will unlock per ten thousand entries (new updates, leaks, extra sub times, etc), so tell your friends!

    Language Support

    Alongside English, we now support French as an official support language. You may email in French, and one of our bilingual support agents will be able to help you in your native language. There are no plans currently to create a translated version of Vape (the client, not the support), but if the demand is there it is possible. We are working on hiring a more diverse team of CS agents, and we may be introducing other languages in the future.

    Alternative Payments

    As we continue to expand into foreign markets where PayPal isn't as viable an option, we recognize that we must adapt to fit the needs of our customers. We now officially accept the following forms of payment:

    AGC (Amazon Gift Card), PSC (PaySafeCard), Bitcoin, Steam Codes (USD).

    If you want to purchase Vape with an alternative form of payment, please send us an email under the email subject 'Alternative Payments'.

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