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  1. GodOfGraves

    watchdog has been improving recently

    ive been seeing many blatant cheaters getting banned recently. slowly, but surely, watchdog is getting better. i'd advise against using too many blatant modules. closet cheaters are still safe though, they'll probably be safe forever honestly, unless a miracle happens.
  2. GodOfGraves

    what servers do screenshares?

    trying to find a good server that does screenshares, preferably with a good anticheat
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  4. GodOfGraves

    [MEGATHREAD] Ultimate Closet Cheating Guide in 2020 [Bypassing Anticheats]

    This thread will cover everything about bypassing modern serverside anti-cheats. I have been in the community for over 6 years and have amassed hundreds of hours dedicated to testing and bypassing anti-cheats. This thread is geared towards Vape V4 and Vape Lite, but it applies to any ghost...
  5. GodOfGraves

    PSA: Don't use more than 15 CPS on Hypixel

    This has been known for a while, but people are still suggesting really high autoclicker settings for Hypixel. Because of NCP's attack speed check, Hypixel will automatically cancel your hits if you click more than 15 CPS. You are putting yourself at a disadvantage by going above this...
  6. GodOfGraves

    [Suggestion] Vape Lite Aim Assist Check Block Break

    It's on vape v4 and it would be really useful to have it on vape lite
  7. GodOfGraves

    LMAO what a meme

  8. GodOfGraves

    Trustworthy Alt Shops?

    mcalts is out of stock and i need new SFAs that are unbanned on hypixel any suggestions?
  9. GodOfGraves

    vape v4 appreciation thread

    thanks james
  10. GodOfGraves

    [Suggestion] Add Reset Profile to Vape V4

    I fucked up a lot of settings and a reset profile would be really useful like in V3.
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    VAPE V4 PROFILE UID: 750f233b-e4cd-43db-bcd6-d5abe1a0ed4e This legit Hypixel config is completely undetectable. It is not possible for Watchdog to detect this, even if you have very low ping. It has gone through intensive testing and I've found that these settings will go undetected even for...
  12. GodOfGraves

    3.3 reach bannable on hypixel?

    im tryna play on my main, i don't think i will get watchdog banned with 3.3, but is it possible to get staff banned with 3.3?
  13. GodOfGraves

    which bhop method should i use on hypixel?

    i find that the "hypixel" constantly gets me lagged back and banned is there another setting that I should use?
  14. GodOfGraves

    I need good killaura settings. (skywars)

    Does anybody have killaura settings that will bypass watchdog? I prefer to be as blatant as possible but still be able to bypass
  15. GodOfGraves

    Is it true that 0% velocity is less detectable than 1%-70%?

    (for hypixel) i've heard this going around, not sure if its true
  16. GodOfGraves

    best vpn for bypassing anti vpn servers?

    so like mmc, viper, etc. paid vpns are fine but are there free vpns that are able to do this too?
  17. GodOfGraves

    can you inject vape into multiple instances of minecraft?

    title, assuming they are different accounts i want to inject vape on my alt account AND my main account at the same time so i can farm some stats. would this work?
  18. GodOfGraves

    Is blockshit or anti-combo detectable on Hypixel? (vape v3)

    title, i've some people say it is but i'm not sure i don't really wanna take any chances
  19. GodOfGraves

    Keystrokes mod that detects vape v3's CPS?

    I like to be able to see my CPS while I'm playing, but most of the keystrokes mods I've tried doesn't detecte vape v3's autoclicker when I use it. Are there any keystrokes mods that do?
  20. GodOfGraves

    Is there a way to set ESP color based on team color?

    I'm not sure how to do this, but it would be really useful if there was a way to do this.