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    what is the best free autoclicker on lunar client ( with slot only)

    woflie clicker is literally the only undetected clicker right now that's not an exit scam.
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    Hypixel? Forge---V4

    use 1.8.9. it doesn't support 1.16
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    is there any way to stop antibot from having false positives?

    No, *dont* use remove bots. If it is making normal players invisible then it's best to just leave it off. Leaving antibot on with remove bots off will make it so that the aim assist will not lock on to the killaura bots. Antibot essentially just makes it so certain aspects of Watchdog won't...
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    Custom values on slider? + Best bypassing settings

    Here is a good guide if you want to learn more about how to bypass anticheats. Settings are ping dependent. If you have low ping you can go anywhere from 3.0-3.35 reach and be completely safe. You can probably go higher, but I have never seen an instance of a person getting banned on Hypixel...
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    is there any way to stop antibot from having false positives?

    Just don't use remove bots. Worse case scenario, if you encounter a KA bot, your aimassist won't lock on to the bot and you can still manually aim.
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    is there any way to stop antibot from having false positives?

    i don't think there is, i think that's probably something on the dev's part
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    Vape v1?

    you can't download it anymore. i think some people may still have the original .jar file, but it's not available on the website anymore.
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    why i can't inject vape into badlion client?

    it should be able to inject into badlion client everytime? unless blc very recently did an update to somewhat tamper with how vape injects? in any case,
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    I used vape at 4 o 'clock,But my Java code has all become 0KB
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    servers with lots of players with little to no anti cheat is a good one not many people play though idk
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    Need some opinions: how good is vape v4 when it comes to blatant cheats

    Combat-wise it's decent enough. The autoclicker, reach, velocity, and even killaura are all pretty good. But for things like fly, bhop, etc. it's not that good. You're better off getting some of the other clients listed above if you want to bypass with blatant cheats.
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    Do I have a chance to appeal on hypixel?

    Hypixel doesn't accept appeals if it was a Watchdog ban (in 99 out of 100 cases)